Books of DESIGNS & PROJECTS for beadwork, multiple techniques

Design & project books devoted to a single technique are on the web pages for that technique.

Beader's Guide to Color by Margie Deeb, 144 pages, color photos & drawings.
This book is very different from Colorworks (in the "How-To" books section). It is a compilation of beadwork and designs which illustrate different approaches to color choices and different kinds of color relationships. Real color theory is explained, as well as emotional and symbolic color themes. Specific palettes for Delica beads are given for each color relationship, and designs and projects further illustrate color use. There is a technical how-to section in the back, and there are projects simple enough for even the very beginner in beadwork. The color photos of different artists' work amply demonstrate how vital good color choice is!

0·B70 Beader's Guide to Color $21.95

The Beadwork Creates series of books are compilations of original designs by different bead artists, that were first published in Beadwork magazine. Beadwork editor Jean Campbell has chosen the projects, which use a variety of techniques, and range from easy to advanced. Each book has 30 designs and is in 4" x 10" format, with color photos of pieces, black and white drawings, a supply list and detailed "how-to" instructions for each project. Every book has a helpful "Tips" section as well as a "Stitches" chapter that defines each stitch used in the book. These are project books, and in a few cases a more thorough knowledge of technique may be needed, than that which you will find in the "Stitches" section.

0·B61 Beadwork Creates Bracelets $16.95
0·B69 Beadwork Creates Beaded Rings $16.95
0·B78 Beadwork Creates Earrings $16.95

32 Beaded Cords by Jean Campbell, 32 pages, color photos, B&W drawings
This book, as its name implies, looks at 32 different ways to make beaded straps, including couching, loomwork, brickstitch, bead crochet, braiding, peyote, square stitch, and of course, how to embellish them with fringe. It's a whirlwind tour through the world of beading, and a great excuse to try a technique you're unfamiliar with.

0·B44 Beaded Cords $9.95

Art & Elegance of Beadwork by Carol Wilcox-Wells, 159 pp, color photos and diagrams
Wilcox-Wells presents projects which use all the major off-loom techniques, including netting (she calls it "chevron chain"), Peyote, herringbone, right-angle weave and bead crochet. Each chapter features a technique, with how-to, projects, and a gallery. If you're looking for inspiration, you'll find it here. There is such variety in this book, from wearables to vessels, that everyone will find something in it to love.

0·B37 Art & Elegance of Beadwork $27.95

Creative Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox-Wells, 144 pp, color photo, B&W drawings
The wealth of color photographs and technique diagrams makes this one of our most popular books. It includes projects and patterns as well as examples of original work by Wells and others. Techniques covered include quadruple helix (first described in Bad Bad Beads!), single-needle right-angle weave (first popularized by David Chatt) Peyote, brick stitch, square stitch and netting. Although there are lots of drawings, which show all the techniques, some beading experience is recommended.

0·B18 Creative Beadweaving $18.95

Beaded Amulet Purses by Nikki Stessin,
This book was the absolute classic in its field. It gives detailed instructions for 7 "amulet purses" designed by well-known beadworkers (including David Chatt), as well as a gallery section of inspiring work (including Carol Perrenoud's "Troll Bag". The appendix includes detailed instructions for tubular and flat peyote stitch, netting, single-needle right-angle weave, loomwork, and fringes.

0·B12 Beaded Amulet Purses $19.95

The Beader's Reference by Jane Davis, 157 pp, color photos & graphs
This book fills a much needed gap in beadwork literature. Instead of limiting the book to a few specific projects, Davis has compiled over 200 designs for a variety of techniques including loomwork or square stitch, peyote or brick, herringbone, crocheted cords, and netting. In addition to the charted patterns there are how-tos for edgings and fringes and 12 projects which exploit the techniques and patterns she presents. There are many examples of contemporary beadwork which show how patterns, edgings and fringes can be used. This is a book for intermediate beadworkers who have technical skills, but want some inspiration when it comes to designs and finishing.

0·B54 The Beader's Reference $24.99

Czech Pressed Glass Bead Jewelry by Sally Squire, 26 pp, B&W drawings, color front & back covers
This book features 3 different necklace designs and 3 different bracelet designs featuring our own original Czech Pressed Glass beads and size 3.3mm Japanese Delicious Beads. The sophisticated designs are easy to make and would be great gifts. Instructions for flat Peyote stitch are included. No prior beading experience is necessary.

0·B20 Czech Pressed Glass Bead Jewelry $8.95

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