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How to Order

1. Send us an email ( with a list of the items you want and quantities OR leave a message at 503-625-2323, OR email us with your phone number and we'll call you back on our dime.

2. Give us your full name, shipping address, and phone number.

3. Tell us how you want to pay. We accept American Express now too!

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: we will accept Paypal for overseas customers.We prefer not to, for US customers.
Transmit your credit card number, exp date & CV code via the phone (503)625-2323.
If you must send your CC# by email, SPELL OUT the numbers from your credit card, and send them in 2 separate emails.

Remember: if you don't get a phone or email acknowledgement of an email order, resend it, or phone us.

We don't accept internet orders paid by check or money order since we have to wait for payment to arrive anyhow. Instead, just PRINT your order and mail it to us along with your check or money order. If items are out of stock, or prices have changed, or you include too much for shipping, we'll refund any over payment.

Box 2840
Wilsonville, ORegon

How to Calculate Shipping Costs

           only 1-8 Seed Bead Cards shipping is $4.00
   only Those Bad Bad Beads shipping is $5.00
Otherwise, if your order is    
  under-   $20.00 shipping is $4.00
$20.01 -   $30.00 shipping is $5.00
  $30.01 -   $60.00 shipping is $7.00
  $60.01 - $100.00 shipping is $8.00
  $100.01 & over       shipped    UPS,
priority, insured, at current rate.

Orders under $100 are sent US Postal Service. Occasionally we must charge extra postage because an order weights (and costs more), than the allowances above. For COD delivery add an extra $6.00.

If your order weighs: SECOND DAY AIR NEXT DAY AIR
1 lb shipping is $13.00 $27.00
2 lb $15.00 $30.50
3 lb $17.00 $33.00
4 lb $19.00 $26.50
5 lb $21.00 $40.50
UPS has totally reorganized their zones and rate structure for Alaska and Hawaii and we can no longer give a rate chart for those two states. However, it's expensive! If you need fast delivery we'll be glad to cooperate. You'll be charged at UPS current rates for the weight of you order.

CANADA add $1.00 to above rates. We will add the cost of insurance to you order. All orders are shipped U.S. Parcel Post.
OVERSEAS All orders are shipped US Parcel Post. The cost depends on the weight of your order. The rates quoted are APPROXIMATE. We will add the cost of insurance to your order.

1 lb  shipping is $18.00
2 lbs   $22.00
3 lbs   $26.00


Within 30 days:
If we make a mistake filling your order, we'll be happy to accept your return and send you the item you really ordered.

If an item arrives damaged, let us know immediately so we can exchange it for another.
All other returns must get approval from us first, there will be a 15% restocking fee, and you will receive store credit for the balance.

If you lose the Order Screen....
The Mail screen always disappears when you jump to another BEADCATS catalog page. To bring it back, if you're using:
Win95 click on the browser icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your monitor that says: [Order@beadcats]