Beading on Fabric by Larkin Jean Van Horn, 120 pp, color, spiral bound within a hard cover, 7-3/4" x 9 1/2"
This bead embroidery book covers the basic stitches: seed stitch, lazy stitch, couching, edging, fringes, etc. However, it also describes how to mount cabochons on fabric - a decidedly useful skill. What sets this book apart from others is its lack of projects. Instead, a firm emphasis on technical knowledge is coupled with many examples of the author's own work. If you've been longing for a concise yet complete treatise on beading on fabric, this will certainly give you the basics you need.

0·B91 Beading on Fabric $21.95

Bead Embroidery, The Complete Guide by Jane Davis, 256 pp, color!This is a small format book (about 7"x8") with comb-bound pages inside a hard cover, so the book lies flat, no matter which page it's opened to. It's full color, and each page has at least two techniques which are described, diagrammed, and then shown in a photographed sample. If you're a person who wants an absolutely terrific directory of techniques, this is definitely the book for you. But wait, there's more. There's an entire chapter devoted to projects, 20 in all! Again, they're beautifully photographed, diagrammed, and explained. And this book is small enough to tuck into your traveling "bead kit". We think it's a must-have for bead embroidereds

0·B84 Bead Embroidery, The Complete Guide $29.99

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video by Carol Perrenoud

Beaded Embellishment by Amy Clarke & Robin Atkins, color photos & drawings,
Both authors are extremely skilled bead embroiderers, and each has her own unique approach. So, after going over the 4 basic bead embroidery techniques and the variations that you must know, each author gives her own personal approach to design and use of color. There are 10 beautiful projects, from simple to complex, and a stunning gallery section. I bet you never thought that bead embroidery could be this wonderful!.

0·B62 Beaded Embellishment $21.95

Off the Beadin' Path by Nancy Eha, 133 pp, B&W photos & drawings, color front & back covers
Eha covers the entire range of basic bead embroidery techniques, from lazy stitch through couching, to using beads with crazy quilt embroidery stitches. There are many edging and fringe variations not described in other books, as well as information on trapunto, sculpted forms, and beading on canvas. Not only does Eha combine a wealth of information not found together elsewhere, she puts it in a context designed to help you discover and nurture your own creative genius. Black and white photos of examples illustrate the different techniques, and she even provides plan drawings for a canvas stretcher floor stand!

0·B21 Off the Beadin' Path $19.95

Bead Embroidery by Campbell-Harding & Watts, 124 pp, color photographs, now in soft cover
Although the title of this book is Bead Embroidery, much more than that is covered, including tips on color blending and bead storage that remind us of our own methods. The many color photographs clearly show off the different techniques of bead embroidery and how to take advantage of them.

0·B9 Bead Embroidery $21.95

Embroidery with Beads by Angela Thompson, 120 pp, 11 color photographs, 84 B&W
This hardbound book covers every aspect of bead embroidery including materials, stitches, smocking and quilting, edgings, fringes and tassels. The combinations of detailed drawings, verbal explanations and photographs make all the techniques as clear as possible. And, it features the best treatment of tambour beadwork we've seen in any book. This has been the standard bead embroidery reference book for many years.

0·B6 Embroidery with Beads $30.00

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