Books on other OFF-LOOM Beading Techniques

Back in Print! Innovative Beaded Jewelry Techniques by Gineke Root, 55 pp, black & white drawings & photos, some color photos
This is the ORIGINAL Dutch spiral book, back in print. Root's techniques have been widely copied, but here's a chance to go back to the source for ways of creating those wonderful drapey, textured, beaded spirals, based on tubular Peyote stitch. Learn the basics and then put your own, original twist on them!

0·B22 Innovative Beaded Jewelry Techniques $16.00

Netted Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald, 122 pp, color
Netting is surely one of the most popular beadwork techniques historically, but it has been largely neglected in the US. This book fills the gap nicely, giving a good overview of historical and ethnic pieces, and then covering the multitude of approaches to netting, including flat and tubular styles. The 18 different projects expand on the basics, and range from simple lace chains to complex dimensional pieces both sculptural and wearable. Of course there's a gallery of inspiring work. And if you love netting after you get this book, you can try one of the Ukrainian books next.

0·B53 Netted Beadwork $21.95

Ukrainian-Style Netted Mesh Collars by Maria M. Rypan, color photos, black & white graphs
This book presents 8 different netted collars, from simple to complex. Color photos illustrate the collars, and clear black and white diagrams show how to construct them. If these beautiful netted collars have been intriguing you, this book and the next are definitely for you.

0·B63 Ukrainian-Style Netted Mesh Collars $16.95

Ukrainian-Style Netted Jagged Mesh Collars by Maria M. Rypan, color photos, black & white graphs
Rypan expands upon the basic Ukrainian netted collars by giving them pointed edges. There are 7 variations, shown in color, and clear black and white how-to drawings. This is another inspiring look at traditional beadwork.

0·B64 Ukrainian-Style Netted Jagged Mesh Collars $16.95

Ukrainian-Style Assorted Beadwork by Maria M. Rypan, color photos, black & white graphs
Rypan presents 12 projects which teach a variety of off-loom techniques. They range from simple variations on the familiar daisy chain to interesting versions of flat and 3-dimensional netting These techniques will be a welcome addition to your repertoire.

0·B65 Ukrainian-Style Assorted Beadwork $16.95

Beading with Brick Stitch by Diane Fitzgerald, 127 pp, color photos, B&W drawings
Diane Fitzgerald leads you through the historical and ethnic uses of brick stitch, to a straight forward how-to of flat and tubular brick stitch. After the basics, she offers 8 different projects which expand the use of brick stitch, and ends with a look at free-form brick stitch and a photo gallery of pieces. You will be a confident brick-stitcher after studying with this book.

0·B38 Beading with Brick Stitch $21.95

Beading with Right-Angle Weave by Christine Prussing, 122 pp, color photos & drawings
What can be a daunting and confusing technique is made clear in this book. Many diagrams, and extremely helpful tips, will have you working right angle weave like a pro. Flat and tubular weave, and both single and double needle techniques are taught. There are 21 different projects, several of which students of David Chatt will probably recognize. Whether you're getting ready to take one of David's classes, need a refresher, or have never tried right-angle weave, you'll find this book invaluable. And of course the gallery section will remind you why you are determined to learn this stitch in the first place!

0·B73 Beading with Right-Angle Weave $21.95

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