Books on PEYOTE stitch

Beading with Peyote Stitch by Jeanette Cook & Vicki Star, 111 pages, color
This book gives a thorough explanation of one of our most popular stitches. Covered are even and odd, flat and tubular peyote, flat circular peyote, and shaping peyote with increasing, decreasing, and using more than one bead in a stitch. Projects include the beaded bead, bead cuff (which combines different shapes worked in flat peyote), beaded "pot" (which combines different kinds of beads in circular peyote), and both a basic and a sculptural pouch (formerly known as "amulet bags"). There's a gallery section which shows some of the many ways contemporary beaders make use of this versatile stitch.

0·B39 Beading with Peyote Stitch $21.95

Little Boxes by Julia Pretl, 30 pages, color patterns, B&W drawings
Julia Pretl is a talented and innovative beader who has chosen to share her unique beaded boxes with us. She has written and graphed careful instructions for making 3,4,5 & 6-sided boxes, with lids, using cylinder beads and specially adapted peyote stitch techniques. These little boxes are precisely shaped and terribly appealing.

0·B80 Little Boxes $25.00

See also: Peyote Stich
video by Carol Perrenoud

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