picture of peyote videoBead Crochet is Carol Perreound's 75 minute color video on bead crochet. This video shows how to make a completely beaded purse, 2 partially beaded purses which use different kinds of crochet stitches, and 2 types of crocheted rope necklaces (like the ones from the flapper era). Excellent close-up shots and samples made with pony beads ensure that you can see every detail of each technique. Prior knowledge of crochet is helpful, but not essential. Stitch-by stitch written instruction and patterns are included..

One of the neatest things about bead crochet is its portability. Once all the beads are strung on the crochet thread, it's easy to take your project with you and crochet anywhere! Bead crochet is also one of the most variable techniques. You can create complex designs with all-over beading, or create textural patterns by placing beads in some crochet stitches, but not others. You can crochet necklaces or bags. Carol covers all types of bead crochet in this video.

Bead Crochet video  
0·VC·DVD (disc) $19.95
0·VC·VHS (tape) $19.95

BEAD KITS for the BEAD CROCHETVideo Projects
These kits contain all the beads needed to complete the 3 main projects from Carol's video. Order needles and thread separately.

Rose Bag Purse
0·KC·001 All beads for Rose Bag pattern & background 18 pkgs $39.00
0·TD·080·08 Thread for crochet, DMC perl cotton #8, Rose 2ea 80 meter balls @ $2.45 $4.90
0·TN·065·0D Thread for fringes, Nymo D in cream 1 bobbin $1.00

Drawstring Bag Purse
2·11·843·01 All beads for Drawstring Bag 3 bags @ $2.95 $8.85
0·TD·158·08 Thread for crochet, DMC perl cotton #8, rose 2ea 80meter balls @ $2.45 $4.90
0·TN·924·0D Thread for fringes, Nymo D, ash 1 bobbin $1.00

Treasure Pouch Necklace
2·11·155·02 All beads for Treasure Pouch 1 bag $2.75
0·TD·760·08 Thread, DMC perl cotton #8, lavender 1ea 80meter ball $2.45

You'll need a crochet hook, a Big Eye or Twisted Wire needle for stringing the beads onto the crochet thread, and beading needles for adding the fringe. Here are the needles most people use.

Although Carol uses size 10° crochet hooks in her video, Virginia prefers to use a size 9°. The hook size you use depends on how tightly you crochet and how large your beads are.

0·NC·009 size 9° crocket hook each $1.90
0·NC·010 size 10° crochet hook each $1.90
0·NE·005 Big Eye needle OR the Japanese bead threading needles (0·BT) each $0.75
0·BT Japanese bead threading needle
specify length - 6, 9 or 10.5mm
3/pkg $4.95
0·NB·012·04 size 12° beading needles 25/pkg $4.40
0·NA·024 tapestry needles, for hiding tails 6/pkg $2.00

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