Made by Tulip, this cushion-grip fine awl can be used for reaming bead holes, un-picking knots, and just general "poking around". It is great - I wouldn't be without it, and I know several beaders who have one in the beadroom and one for traveling. The awl comes with a plastic cap, for safety.

0·PF·AWL   Tulip Bead Awl each $11.50

picture of productDIP 'N ETCH Matte your own beads in 15 minutes! This re-usable colorless solution is safer and less obnoxious than conventional glass etching compounds. Complete instructions come with each bottle. A bottle will matte about 12 hanks of beads. Active ingredient: 20% Ammonium Bifloride

0·PE Dip 'n Etch 6 oz. plastic bottle each $14.50

This is a short spring coil which you put at the end of a thread when you're stringing beads. It keeps beads from falling off the end of the thread, without your having to put in a temporary knot or "stopper bead". With two sizes available, there's a bead stopper perfect for your type and weight of thread.

0·PF·STP·MN   "mini" bead stoppers 6/pkg $5.95
0·PF·STOP   bead stoppers 6/pkg $4.95

Handy*Tape with Dispenser
This is a yellow, self-adhesive measuring tape. It's got inches (in 1/8" resolution) on one edge and millimeters on the other. It's designed to stick directly onto fabric, paper, or anywhere you need a ruler. There's 25 feet of it on a roll, and it can be used in a normal tape dispenses. It's removable and reusable. The markings are in 1 foot increments.

0·PN·TAPE   Handy*Tape each $9.65

TRANSPARENT GRAPH PAPERS These are for size 11° beads. Reduce them to see the actual size of your finished project in smaller beads; enlarge them to see your design more easily. Copy them onto plain paper for drawing designs. Unlimited reproduction for your personal use.

0·PG·001 Loomwork /graph $1.00
0·PG·002 Peyote stitch /graph $1.00
0·PG·003 Right angle weave /graph $1.00
0·PG·004 Netting /graph $1.00
0·PG·005 Ndbele herringbone /graph $1.00

Picture of Ceramic Bead TrayWHITE CERAMIC BEAD TRAYS 5" in diameter, with nine 1/4" deep compartments, this tray is really the best working dish we've ever used. The shallow compartments make bead selection easy, the color makes bead selection easy and the weight makes it really hard for your cat to tip them over!

0·PC ceramic bead tray $5.00

Picture of Bead ScoopBEAD SCOOPS
These miniature flat-bottomer steel scoops, shaped like the big ones they have at the bulk food aisle, are just the ticket for shoveling beads out of your bead tray. They are 2-5/8" long.

0·PS·LG med scoop each $1.25

This is a long scoop designed for picking up beads from your work surface and then transferring them back into your bead tube (or other container). It's designed specially for repatriating loose beads to the tubes they came in.

0·PS·EEZ SCOOP EEZ each $1.85

Picture of Little Snips (Tiny Scissors)TINY SCISSORS
Good scissors are really one of your most important supplies. These are the best beadwork scissors ever - their fine sharp points let you get right in between beads to snip off your thread close to your work, without leaving a nasty little frayed end. AND, they fit in the needle safe. Both Carol and Virginia use these.

0·PS·SIL tiny scissors each $10.00

CLOVER® brand airline legal thread cutter
This is a flat, circular pendant about 1-1/2" in diamter with tiny cutters embedded along the edge. It won't get confiscated at security - no more strugging to cut thread with your teeth in you economy class seat.

0·PS·Cut "Clover" thread cutter each $7.29

Picture of Small Bead Storage BagsSTORAGE BAGS
2"x2" Zipper closure plastic bags. The most reliable storage we've found. No spills from broken threads (like hanks) or from popped tops and roll-aways (like tubes). Easy and compact to pack for travelling. Bags for an entire project will easily fit in one of our travelling bead cases together with 1 (or 2) of our bead trays.

0·PZ zipper bags 100 bags/ $2.00


Picture of Needle SafeNEEDLE SAFE
These light blue plastic boxes are lined with magnetic material to hold your needles gently in place. They are deep enough to hold bobbins of Nymo, a pair of tiny scissors and a bead scoop. Throw the Needle Safe in your purse and you're set for on-the-road beading! 4-1/2"x2-1/4"x5/8" thick.

0·PN·NS needle safe $8.95/ea

These cylindrical needle cases are not only practical, but they look great peyote stitched! Carol recently peyote stitched a rose pattern on one in size 20° beads and sold it for $400. 1/2" in diameter by 2-1/4" long.

0·PN needle case $2.15/ea


"THIMBLE-IT" Finger Pads
Can't stand traditional thimbles, no matter what the sales pitch? Try one of these oval, stick-on pads. Designed to stick to the pad of your index finger, they cushion against the sharp end of the needle, and provide some extra gripping power as well. Re-usable for many beading sessions, the ovals are about 3/8" by 3/4" and come 64 to a package.

0·PT·PAD "THIMBLE-IT" finger pads $6.30/pkg of 64 pads

"NEEDLE GRIP-IT" Finger Dots
These are small, self-adhesive circles which can be worn on any finger, including your thumb. They give you better grip and control over slender beading needles, eliminating the need for the "death-grip" method of needle handling. The re-usable patches are about 3/8" in diameter and come 70 to a package.

0·PN·GRIP "NEEDLE GRIP-IT" needle gripper finger dots $8.25/pkg of 70 pads

Tired of stabbing your fingertips with the end of your beading needle or crochet hook, but hate those rigid metal thimbles? Try one of these little leather thimbles - it's like a second skin for your fingertip.

0·PA·MED MEDIUM size leather thimble $3.95/ea
0·PA·LG LARGE size leather thimble $3.95/ea

These are rigid metal thimbles with a rubber covering, to give you real traction when you're handling your needle. They come with closed or open ends.

0·PS·THC·MED thimble, closed end, MEDIUM size $7.90/ea
0·PS·THC·L thimble, closed end, LARGE size $7.90/ea
0·PS·TH0·MED thimble, open end, MEDIUM size $11.30/ea
0·PS·TH0·L thimble, open end, LARGE size $11.30/ea

These needle threaders will work with size 10° - 12° needles, but not all threads. They won't work with smaller needles.

0·NT needle threader $2.50/ea


BEESWAX from our own bees!

0·PW beeswax chunk $3.29/ea

THREAD ZAP® is a battery-powered precision thread sealer. It's about the size of a long bead tube, and utilizes a tiny hot wire to cut thread or to burn (and seal) thread ends. The battery is included.

0·TZ Thread Zap® $24.95/ea


Picture of Leather ThongLEATHER THONGThis thong can be used as a permanent base for peyote stitching or for stringing beads with large holes, like pony, crow and trade beads.

0·PO·001 1mm thick, black /foot .$0.50
0·PO·002 2mm thick, dk brown /foot .$0.50

picture of "Cat Dancer" Cat ToyCAT DANCER
Our cats have played with this simple toy for years and never tired of it. Rolled cardboard on a spring steel wire emulates a flying moth (or something). Drives cats crazy!

0·PD cat dancer each $2.50

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