Radiolaria & Catkins

These are glass pendants with 1/8 " long glass spikes covering the surface. They range from nearly spherical ones that look like a sputnik or radiolarian, to long ones that look like a cross between a catkin and a sea urchin. All have a delicate metal loop for attachment.

Imagine how great they'd look with kinky fringe (see page 52 of Those Bad Bad Beads). Dare to "branch out".

Radiolaria (10mm diameter) (spiked spheres)
L·X1·012·30   white opal w/ clear spine tips each $1.00
L·X1·042·00   lt lemon yellow transparent each $1.00
L·X1·118·00   burnt peach transparent each $1.00
L·X1·178·00   pink transparent each $1.00
L·X1·198·00   cranberry transparent each $1.00
L·X1·225·00   red transparent, clear spine tips each $1.00
L·X1·515·00   peridot transparent each $1.00
L·X1·540·00   bright light green transparent each $1.00
L·X1·568·00   cool light green transparent each $1.00
L·X1·578·00   medium grass green transparent each $1.00
L·X1·589·00   green teal transparent each $1.00
L·X1·609·00   blue transparent each $1.00
L·X1·629·00   Montana blue trans each $1.00
L·X1·650·00   aqua transparent each $1.00
L·X1·713·00   lt alexandrite transparent each $1.00
L·X1·724·00   blueish-purple transparent each $1.00
L·X1·777·00   lavender transparent each $1.00
L·X1·839·00   topaz transparent each $1.00
L·X1·999·10   black opaque core and tips each $1.00
L·X1·999/000·50   black opaque w/ clear tips each $1.00

Short Catkins (25mm long)
L·X2·012·30   white opal w/clear tips each $1.25
L·X2·042·00   lt bright, lemon transparent each $1.25
L·X2·118·00   dark peach transparent each $1.25
L·X2·133·30   soft pink opal each $1.25
L·X2·153·00   lt, bright pink transparent each $1.25
L·X2·163·00   pink trans w/ clear spine tips each $1.25
L·X2·178·00   rich fuchsia transparent each $1.25
L·X2·198·00   cranberry transparent each $1.25
L·X2·225·00   red transparent core, clear spine tips each $1.25
L·X2·515·00   peridot (lt olive) transparent each $1.25
L·X2·520·00   lt bright green transparent each $1.25
L·X2·568·00   lt cool green transparent each $1.25
L·X2·589·00   green teal transparent each $1.25
L·X2·601·00   pale, icy blue transparent each $1.25
L·X2·609·00   medium blue transparent each $1.25
L·X2·650·00   bright aqua transparent each $1.25
L·X2·713·00   lt alexandrite transparent each $1.25
L·X2·724·00   blueish-purple transparent each $1.25
L·X2·777·00   lavender transparent each $1.25
L·X2·839·00   topaz transparent each $1.25
L·X2·999·10   black opaque core and tips each $1.25
L·X2·999/000·50   black opaque core w/ clear tips each $1.25

Medium Catkins (30mm long)
L·X3·012·30   white opal, with clear tips each $1.50
L·X3·118·00   peach transparent each $1.50
L·X3·178·00   rich fuchsia transparent each $1.50
L·X3·198·00   cranberry transparent each $1.50
L·X3·225·00   red transparent core, clear spine tips each $1.50
L·X3·589·00   teal transparent each $1.50
L·X3·609·00   blue transparent each $1.50
L·X3·724·00   blueish-purple transparent each $1.50
L·X3·777·00   dk purple trans core, amethyst tips each $1.50
L·X3·839·00   dark amber transparent each $1.50
L·X3·999·10   black opaque core and tips each $1.50
L·X3·999/000·50   black opaque w/ clear tips each $1.50

Long Catkins (35mm long)
L·X4·012·30   white opal each $1.75
L·X4·118·00   peach pink transparent each $1.75
L·X4·178·00   bright pink transparent each $1.75
L·X4·198·00   lt cranberry transparent each $1.75
L·X4·210·00   flame red transparent each $1.75
L·X4·589·00   dk teal transparent each $1.75
L·X4·609·00   blue transparent each $1.75
L·X4·724·00   blueish-purple transparent each $1.75
L·X4·773·00   lavender transparent each $1.75
L·X4·839·00   dark topaz transparent each $1.75
L·X4·999·10   black opaque core and tips each $1.75
L·X4·999/000·50   black opaque core w/ clear tips each $1.75

Globule Pendants

These are glass pendants with a slender stem and a spherical globule at the bottom. The over-all length of the pendant, including the wire loop, is 30mm, the globule is almost 10mm of that.

These have been incredibly popular as earrings.

Globule Pendants
L·D3·000·00   clear each $1.75
L·D3·012·30   white opal w/clear tips each $1.75
L·D3·578·00   medium green transparent each $1.75
L·D3·781·00   dk purple transparent each $1.75
L·D3·855·00   red-brown transparent each $1.75

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