How many beads/bag?

We've finally figured out about how many beads there are in one of our typical packages. One day, Carol actually sat and counted beads all day! This should make it easier for you to purchase the correct number of beads necessary when following a charted pattern (yours or anyone else's).

Remember that beads are sold by weight, and that different glass colors do weigh different amounts. So counts will vary according to bead color and glass type and surface finish. All beads aren't perfect either (big surprise, right?), so be sure you allow extra for the inevitable mutants that you will cull, or the ones that fall victim to your parakeet or wildly gesticulating house guest.

Bead type Typical bag size Approx Count
11° seed 20 grams 2000*
11° Delica 5 grams 1000*
3.3mm Delica 5 grams 150
13° seed 20 grams 3000
14° seed 20 grams 5150
15° Hex-cut 20 grams 5880
20° seed 3 grams 2800
8° Hex-cut 20 grams 960
6° pony beads 10 grams 150
11° triangle 20 grams 2000
4mm cubes 20 grams 215
3mm bugles 20 grams 1770
5mm bugles 20 grams 770
9mm bugles 20 grams 500
12mm bugles 20 grams 250

* No, this isn't an error. You do get lots more Delica beads than Seed beads for a given weight, because the walls of Delica beads are extremely thin. Before you go crazy ordering just Delica however, remember that Seed beads are better for some stitches, and that Delica, besides being expensive, aren't suitable for all stitches.

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How many beads / bag?
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