Bead Crochet Ropes by Judith Bertoglio-Griffin, 20 pp, color photos & drawings
This book gives you the basics of slip-stitch tubular bead crochet, and then moves right into a variety of interesting patterns, many involving different types of beads for really great, innovative looks. Good information in a concise format.

0·B57 Bead Crochet Ropes $22.95

Patterns & Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes by Judith Bertoglio-Griffin, 20 pp, color photos & drawings
Bertoglio-Giffin follows up from her previous book (which gave excellent theory and ideas) with 35 graphed patterns and an inspiring gallery section. Special bead-crochet graph paper is included, as well as a review of slip-stitch bead crochet. Believe me, if you want to create your own beaded rope designs, you need this book!

0·B74 Patterns & Graphing Bead for Crochet Ropes $21.95

Crochet with Wire by Nancie Wiseman, 88 pp, color photos, B&W drawings
Wiseman gives an introduction to materials and techniques, and then gets right to the fun stuff - lots of projects combining beautiful colored wires with all kinds of gorgeous beads. She presents about 20 projects, including necklaces, bracelets, boxes and a purse.

0·B76 Crochet with Wire $14.95

Having trouble getting it right? See also:Bead Crochet
thevideo by Carol Perrenoud

Knitting with Wire by Nancie Wiseman, 90 pages, color photos, B&W drawings,
If you already knit with fiber but would like a completely different approach, try knitting with wire! Wiseman presents 30 projects which include wearables, containers, purses and vessels. Quite a few of the projects incorporate beads. Complete instructions are given for each project, but please be a knitter before you plunge in!

0·B68 Knitting with Wire $16.95

Knit & Crochet with Beads by Lily M. Chin, 149 pages, color photos, B&W drawings,
Chin's book gives patterns for garments and shawls made with knitting and crocheting with beads. Very specific materials and instructions are given for each project, and very good drawings and photos show the specific techniques involved. This is a great book, but it's not for people who know nothing about crochet and knitting. Learn the basic knitting and crocheting techniques, and you'll love this book!

0·B66 Knit & Crochet with Beads $21.95

Beaded Bags & More ed. by K. and J. Kliot, 112 pages, B&W ,
This volume reprints 5 beadwork publications from 1890-1926. It includes around 50 different patterns for knitted and crocheted bags, some of which are familiar, others I've never seen the likes of before! The final section of the book, explains passementerie and other typical Victorian beaded trims! There are no detailed "how-to" drawings in this book: make sure you know how to knit and crochet and can follow typical patterns with abbreviations! Buy one of our instructional videos, on bead knitting or crocheting, if you need to learn how.

0·B31 Beaded Bags & More $19.00

Bead Work 2nd Edition ed. by K. and J. Kliot, 56 pages, B&W ,
This is a reprint of two books first published in the early part of this century. It covers beaded needlepoint, crochet, knitting and loomwork, with patterns included by beaded necklaces and bags. It is NOT for beginners; you should already know how to needlepoint, knit, crochet or loom. However, this book will definitely make you want to learn them all!

0·B4 Bead Work 2nd Edition $15.00

Victorian Purses and Amulet Bags in Bead Crochet by Ramona Lee, 98 pp, B&W photos & drawings, color front & back covers
Inspired by Carol Perrenoud's tape on video crochet, Ramona Lee has adapted 3 traditional Victorian crochet patterns for use with beads, to make small bags. She includes a complete dictionary of the abbreviations she uses, and a brief description of each stitch. From the 3 basic patterns it's possible to create a number of different bags, just by varying the thread size and location of the beads in the crocheting. The bags are unusual shapes, and the crocheting is very lacy. Complete instructions and patterns are given for lining the bags with fabric.

0·B32 Victorian Purses and Amulet Bags in Bead Crochet $18.95

Classic Beaded Purse Patterns by E. DeJong-Kramer, 56 pp, color pictures & diagrams
This very useful book has good close-up color pictures and diagrams. It's written for bead knitting but includes some bead crochet patterns as well. The same patterns could be used to create loomwork, square stitch or beaded needlepoint purses.

0·B16 Classic Beaded Purse Patterns $15.00

Actually seeing the process makes it so much easier to learn! We recommend Alice Korach's video Bead Knitting
if you want to learn how!
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