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Bead knitting was one of the most popular techniques for making purses from the late 1800's to the 1920's. It produces a dense, supple fabric with beads on the upper side and delicate silk threads on the reverse.

"Bead Knitting" is Alice Korach's 75 minute color video on the topic. Not only was Korach one of the first people in the United States to revive the technique of bead knitting, she was the founding editor of Bead & Button Magazine. The lady obviously knows what she is doing!

Korach gives a complete course on knitting with beads, reading charts, stringing the beads and of course, actually knitting up a beautiful bag.

The chart for the roses and swallows pattern, with suggested colors, is supplied with the video. This video will make a bead-knitter out of you!

We include a complete supply list, drawn from our beads and paraphernalia, with every video.
Bead Knitting video    
0·VK·DVD (disc) $19.95
0·VK·VHS (tape)   $19.95


Beads for the "Swallows and Roses"
FOREGROUND part of the design ONLY.
0·KK·001 Beads for Bag Design 15 pkgs $31.30

You will also need to select beads for the background colors. Background bead suggestions are given below. We have matched threads to bead colors for you.

Order beads and thread as needed from one of the Combos below

Backround Combo #1
2·11·053·10 Background Beads cream op seed beads 4 pks @ $2.25= $9.00
0·TL·065·0E Knitting Thread dk cream silk thread 1 spool $8.50
0·TN·065·0D Fringe Thread dk cream Nymo D 1 bobbin $1.00

Background Combo #2
2·11·005·75 Background Beads clear silver-lined matte 4 pks @ $2.50 $10.00
0·TL·806·0E Knitting Thread taupe silk thread 1 spool $8.50
0·TN·924·0D Fringe Thread ash Nymo D 1 bobbin $1.00

Background Combo #3
2·11·960·00 Background Beads grey trans 4 pks @ $1.95 $7.80
0·TL·980·0E Knitting Thread grey silk 1 spool $8.50
0·TN·980·0D Fringe Thread grey Nymo D 1 bobbin $1.00

For more information and supply choices, see the following catalog pages:

Size 11° Beads
Size 11°
White, Pink & Purple
Size 11°
Blue & Green
Size 11°
Red, Orange, Yell, Br & Blk
Nylon Flat threads
nymo, nylux, monocord
Specialty Threads
linen, silk

You'll need: knitting needles, a Big Eye needle for stringing the beads onto the knitting thread and beading needles for adding the fringe.

Here is what Alice actually uses in her video:
0·PK·004 size 0000 needles 5/pkg $5.00
0·NE·005 "Big Eye" needles 1each $0.70
0·NB·012·04 size 12° beading needles 4/pkg $2.00

For more information and supply choices, see the following catalog pages:
Other knitting needle sizes
Other stringing & beading needles

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