Nylon FLAT Threads

Nymo, Nylux & Monocord
are different manufacturers' names for the same flat, multi-strand nylon threads. They look like high-quality dental floss. These are the easiest types of thread to work with.

Secrets of Thread Selection Trouble threading your needle?

KO thread from Japan
It has a very hard finish which prevents it from fraying, so there's no need to wax it. You can use Thread Heaven® if you want to make it more slippery.
KO Thread will NOT accept color from marking pens.
Carol Perrenoud worked with the Japanese supplier and suggested the colors, based on best selling colors in Nymo.
I (Virginia Blakelock) have used this thread myself, and can vouch for its excellent fray resistance.

KO thread size D
on 300 meter spools
0·KC·012·0D   white $20.00
0·KC·106·0D   rosey-tan $20.00
0·KC·119·0D   rose $20.00
0·KC·272·0D   red $20.00
0·KC·528·0D   olive $20.00
0·KC·633·0D   medium blue $20.00
0·KC·842·0D   brown $20.00
0·KC·981·0D   med ash gray $20.00
0·KC·999·0D   black $20.00

KO thread size D
on small sample cards, probably 1 meter in length - great for trying some.
0·KO·012·0D white $2.50
0·KO·106·0D rosey-tan $2.50
0·KO·633·0D medium blue $2.50
0·KO·842·0D brown $2.50
0·KO·981·0D med ash gray $2.50
0·KO·999·0D black $2.50

KO thread size B
on 50 meter spools
0·KO·012·0B   white $3.20
0·KO·015·0B   eggshell $3.20
0·KO·104·0B   taupe $3.20
0·KO·119·0B   rose $3.20
0·KO·130·0B   baby pink $3.20
0·KO·272·0B   rich red $3.20
0·KO·414·0B   butter yellow $3.20
0·KO·469·0B   gold $3.20
0·KO·523·0B   apple green $3.20
0·KO·528·0B   dk olive $3.20
0·KO·604·0B   lt blue $3.20
0·KO·666·0B   denim blue $3.20
0·KO·747·0B   dk purple $3.20
0·KO·759·0B   lilac $3.20
0·KO·843·0B   rust $3.20
0·KO·860·0B   dk brown $3.20
0·KO·967·0B   lt silvery gray $3.20
0·KO·999·0B   black $3.20

NYMO & NYLUX size "D"
For loomwork with beads size 10°·, 11°·, 12°· and 13°·, and off-loom beadwork size 10°· down through size 14°·. When using vintage 13°· and 14°· beads, check the hole size.

58 yds/bobbin
0·TN·012·0D   white $1.00
0·TN·065·0DJ   "ivory" in JUMBO bobbin $1.25
0·TN·103·0D   very lt tan $1.00
0·TN·104·0D   rosy tan $1.00
0·TN·105·0D   dusty rose $1.00
0·TN·106·0D   dk dusty rose $1.00
0·TN·119·0D   dk rose pink $1.00
0·TN·133·0D   baby pink $1.00
0·TN·212·0D   lt red $1.00
0·TN·270·0D   medium red $1.00
0·TN·272·0D   dark red $1.00
0·TN·275·0D   burgundy $1.00
0·TN·367·0D   burnt orange $1.00
0·TN·469·0D   gold $1.00
0·TN·505·0D   lt olive green $1.00
0·TN·516·0D   yellow green $1.00
0·TN·541·0D   bright, almost neon, green $1.00
0·TN·552·0D   med leaf green $1.00
0·TN·567·0D   lichen green $1.00
0·TN·577·0D   bright medium green $1.00
0·TN·579·0D   forest green $1.00
0·TN·580·0D   forest green #2 $1.00
0·TN·581·0D   dk forest green $1.00
0·TN·592·0D   seafoam $1.00
0·TN·603·0D   lt baby blue $1.00
0·TN·615·0D   navy $1.00
0·TN·639·0D   blue-black $1.00
0·TN·662·0D   bright medium blue $1.00
0·TN·663·0D   marine blue $1.00
0·TN·666·0D   soft marine blue $1.00
0·TN·667·0DJ   denim blue iin JUMBO bobbin $1.00
0·TN·686·0D   lt teal $1.00
0·TN·736·0D   dk purple $1.00
0·TN·747·0D   lt purple $1.00
0·TN·748·0D   dk lavender $1.00
0·TN·776·0D   dk plum $1.00
0·TN·803·0D   tan $1.00
0·TN·805·0D   sand $1.00
0·TN·806·0DJ   khaki in JUMBO bobbin $1.00
0·TN·812·0D   soft brown (dk tan) $1.00
0·TN·842·0D   walnut $1.00
0·TN·855·0DJ   JUMBO bobbin, dk red brown $1.00
0·TN·859·0D   "walnut" (dk brown) $1.00
0·TN·860·0D   dk violet brown $1.00
0·TN·924·0D   ash $1.00
0·TN·934·0D   lt blue-gray $1.00
0·TN·960·0D   lt greenish gray $1.00
0·TN·967·0D   lt platinum gray $1.00
0·TN·980·0D   gray $1.00
0·TN·981·0D   blue-gray $1.00
0·TN·981·0DJ   blue-gray in JUMBO bobbin $1.00
0·TN·984·0DJ   charcoal gray in JUMBO bobbin $1.00
0·TN·987·0D   "cold steel" gray $1.00
0·TN·990·0D   dark blue grey $1.00
0·TN·999·0D   black $1.00

NYMO "D" in 1/2-oz cones - 300 yds
0·SN·859·0D dk brown $4.25

NYMO "D" in 3-oz cones
0·CN·012·0D white $17.00
0·CN·999·0D black $19.00

NYMO size "A"
For loom and off-loom work with size 12°· through 14°· beads. There's not a lot of difference between "A" and "B", so order it to take advantage of the colors we have.

0·TN·898·0A 140 yd bobbin chocolate $1.00
0·TN·776·0A 86 yd bobbin wine $1.00

NYMO size "B"
For loom and off-loom work with size 12°· through 14°· beads. It can work with size 16°· and 18°· if you're making only one thread pass through the bead.

72 yds/bobbin
0·TN·012·0B   white $1.00
0·TN·064·0B   bright cream $1.00
0·TN·103·0B   very lt taupe $1.00
0·TN·104·0B   rosy tan $1.00
0·TN·270·0B   medium red $1.00
0·TN·276·0B   burgundy $1.00
0·TN·367·0B   burnt orange $1.00
0·TN·469·0B   gold $1.00
0·TN·490·0B   dk butternut $1.00
0·TN·505·0B   silvery gray-green ("willow") $1.00
0·TN·528·0B   dk olive $1.00
0·TN·567·0B   pale sage green $1.00
0·TN·576·0B   soft medium green $1.00
0·TN·587·0B   soft "ceylon" green $1.00
0·TN·592·0B   seafoam green $1.00
0·TN·663·0B   marine blue $1.00
0·TN·667·0BJ   soft denim blue, jumbo bobbin $1.25
0·TN·686·0B   lt teal $1.00
0·TN·736·0B   dk purple $1.00
0·TN·747·0B   medium purple $1.00
0·TN·748·0B   dk lavender $1.00
0·TN·806·0B   khaki $1.00
0·TN·812·0B   toasty tan $1.00
0·TN·827·0B   umber $1.00
0·TN·859·0B   walnut (dk brown) $1.00
0·TN·981·0B   blue-gray $1.00
0·TN·984·0B   dk gray $1.00
0·TN·992·0B   dk gray $1.00
0·TN·999·0B   black $1.00

NYMO "B" in 3-oz cones
0·CN·012·0B white $19.00
0·CN·999·0B black $21.00

NYMO size "0"
For loom and off-loom work with beads smaller than size 14°·.

115 yds/bobbin
0·TN·012·10   white $1.00
0·TN·064·10   cream $1.00
0·TN·104·10   taupe $1.00
0·TN·114·10   lt peach $1.00
0·TN·194·10   beautiful dk pink $1.00
0·TN·203·10   soft orange-red $1.00
0·TN·227·10   lt red $1.00
0·TN·275·10   dk red $1.00
0·TN·469·10   gold $1.00
0·TN·528·10   olive $1.00
0·TN·579·10   "soft" medium green $1.00
0·TN·580·10   dk forest green $1.00
0·TN·614·10   navy $1.00
0·TN·615·10   dark navy $1.00
0·TN·666·10   "denim" blue $1.00
0·TN·693·10   green-blue $1.00
0·TN·736·10   dk purple $1.00
0·TN·747·10   lt purple $1.00
0·TN·748·10   dk lavender $1.00
0·TN·839·10   chestnut $1.00
0·TN·898·10   chocolate $1.00
0·TN·984·10   slate $1.00
0·TN·999·10   black $1.00

NYMO size "0"

300-yd "jumbo" bobbins
(great value)
0·TN·275·10J burgundy $1.25
0·TN·588·10J dk blue-green $1.25

NYMO "0" in 3-oz cones
0·CN·012·10 white $19.50
0·CN·999·10 black $21.50

NYMO size "00"
For off-loom work with size 16°· beads and for weft threads on loomwork with size 16°· and smaller beads.

Yardage varies with color,
but these hold AT LEAST

110 yds/bobbin
0·TN·012·20  . white $1.25
0·TN·085·20   dark cream $1.25
0·TN·127·20   lt rose $1.25
0·TN·130·20   very pale pink $1.25
0·TN·134·20   dusty rose $1.25
0·TN·161·20   light rose $1.25
0·TN·199·20   cranberry $1.25
0·TN·272·20   rich ruby red $1.25
0·TN·275·20   maroon $1.25
0·TN·413·20   bright yellow $1.25
0·TN·430·20   soft gold $1.25
0·TN·569·20   lt lime green $1.25
0·TN·576·20   med dk green $1.25
0·TN·602·20   icy lt blue $1.25
0·TN·603·20   lt French blue $1.25
0·TN·604·20   lt baby blue $1.25
0·TN·609·20   medium blue $1.25
0·TN·614·20   indigo blue $1.25
0·TN·615·20   dk cobalt $1.25
0·TN·663·20   turquoise $1.25
0·TN·666·20   "denim" blue $1.25
0·TN·669·20   dk turquoise $1.25
0·TN·693·20   seafoam $1.25
0·TN·717·20   lavender blue $1.25
0·TN·747·20   bright purple $1.25
0·TN·860·20   mahogany $1.25
0·TN·907·20   platinum gray $1.25
0·TN·999·20   black $1.25

NYMO "00" in 3-oz cones
0·CN·012·20 white $21.50

NYMO size "000"
For your tiniest beads, for wefts with size 16°· and smaller, off-loom size 18°· and smaller.

160 yd bobbins
0·TN·012·30 white $0.80

is similar to Nymo, it's just made by a different company.

For loom and off-loom work with size 16°· and 18°· beads.

50 yd spools
0·TM·012·0B white $1.00
0·TM·386·0B rust-orange $1.00
0·TM·451·0B yellow $1.00
0·TM·999·0B black $1.00

For loom and off-loom work with size 16°· and 18°· beads.

50 yds/spool.
0·TM·012·0A white $1.00
0·TM·320·0A lt orange $1.00
0·TM·324·0A orange $1.00
0·TM·371·0A dull coral $1.00
0·TM·451·0A brt yellow $1.00
0·TM·535·0A pale lime $1.00
0·TM·706·0A lav-grey $1.00
0·TM·856·0A dk brown $1.00

MONOCORD size "000"
Use with your tiniest, size 18°· through 24° beads for·, warp, weft, and off-loom, to give a really fine look. But, don't rely on this thread for strength. If possible, use Aramid, bonded polypropylene (see "Hi-tech threads" category) or Fireline where stress may endanger the integrity of your piece.

100 yds/spool
0·TM·012·30 white $1.75
0·TM·324·30 orange $1.75
0·TM·506·30 lt olive $1.75
0·TM·535·30 pale lime $1.75
0·TM·581·30 med green $1.75
0·TM·597·30 blue-green $1.75
0·TM·705·30 lt lav-grey $1.75
0·TM·706·30 lav-grey $1.75
0·TM·809·30 lt taupe $1.75
0·TM·914·30 dk grey $1.75
0·TM·999·30 black $1.75

Nylon Flat threads
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