Having Trouble Threading Your Needle?

You can't use a needle threader with any of the beading needles. The eyes just aren't large enough.

You should always do this
Make sure the end of your thread is cut cleanly. Then, flatten the end carefully by mashing it between your front teeth. No matter what technique you use for threading, this is a good first step.

Carol's secret "fool-proof" technique
Squeeze the cut and flattened end of the thread between the thumb and index finger of your left hand. You should barely be able to see the end of the thread down between your fingers. With your right hand, slide the eye of the needle down onto the end of the thread. The needle should lie in the little valley between your fingers with the eye positioned over the thread end.

Then, slowly roll your left thumb and index finger apart. As you roll your fingers apart, the thread will be forced upward and through the eye. Just be sure you hold the eye right atop the exposed tip of the thread, and be sure that the flattened end of the thread is aligned in the same plane as the elongated hole in the eye. Pull the protruding tip of thread the rest of the way through the eye and Voila! you're done.

Carol threads needles for people in class using this technique, and she says she doesn't even have to look to get it right every time. It might be necessary for you to watch (at least the first time) while you do this, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of, and it sure seems to work. Our students swear by it (at least the ones that used to swear at their thread!)

Beading needles
10°-16°, x-long, asst'd
Special Purpose needles
big-eye, twisted wire, sharp,
glovers, between, milliners
Secrets of Thread Selection Nylon Flat Threads
KO, nymo, nylux, monocord
Nylon Plied threads
rod-winding, silamide, conso, upholstery
Aramid, Spectra®, Polypropylene, Fire-Line
Specialty Threads
linen, silk, cotton

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