Hi-Tech Threads

These are the hi-tech alternatives to nylon. Originally developed for the fishing industry, they're used extensively by the military and law-enforcement for bullet-proof vests and other body armor. Aramid is the original, Polypropylene and Spectra® are the new species. Protect all from sunlight.

Secrets of Thread Selection Trouble threading your needle?

Aramid Thread

This is flat, parallel filament thread that looks just like Nymo, but is unbreakable except by sharp bugle beads. However, it's NOT nylon, it's Aramid, the same fiber they use for bullet-proof vests and protective gloves. Do not tie simple overhand knots to secure it, Aramid cuts itself! Use a surgeon's knot to tie off, and a fisherman's knot to join threads. The sizing is not consistent with this thread. It varies between "A" and "0" and the colors are not fade-proof. It frays a lot when you work with it, so waxing helps. Use it for bugle bead ladders and anywhere you really need strength. Can be used with seed beads size 11°-20°, as well as most lampworked and pressed glass beads.

ARAMID-50 yd spool
0·TK·046·10 yellow-cream $2.00
0·TK·204·10 bright red $2.00
0·TK·358·10 dark orange $2.00
0·TK·527·10 bright green $2.00
0·TK·581·10 med green $2.00
0·TK·855·10 med brown $2.00
0·TK·999·10 black $2.00

Gel-Spun Polypropylene

At last, a super-fine, super-strong thread! It looks like monocord 000, but it's hi-tech all the way. Use it for your tiny beads, size 20° and smaller. It does fray in a very annoying way, it's extremely slippery, and difficult to cut. But, it is stronger than nylon. Keep it away from sunlight.

"GSP"-50 yd spool
0·TP·012·30 white $3.75
0·TP·042·30 pale lemon $3.75
0·TP·972·30 silvery gray $3.75
0·TP·999·30 black $3.75

Spectra® Thread

"POWER-PRO" Beading Thread
This is heavy, twisted thread made especially for the fishing industry. It's wiry, like Silamide, but of course heavier. It is the toughest thread we've tested, so far. Use it when you're combining pressed glass and seed beads. You'll find a Milliner's needle easier to thread than the beading needles, and for stringing, try the Big Eye or twisted wire needles. The different weights also correspond to different thicknesses. Use the 10 pound when you're weaving with size 11's, the 20 lb when you're weaving with size 8's, and the 30 lb when you're stringing, not weaving, with seed beads and pressed glass. Since this is a fishing industry product, it is required to break down under sunlight, so DON'T USE IT IN WINDOW HANGINGS!

"POWER-PRO-28/yd bobbin
0·PT·012·10 10 lb, white $5.50
0·PT·975·10 10 lb, "moss" (greenish-gray) $5.50
0·PT·012·20 20 lb, white $5.50
0·PT·975·20 20 lb, "moss" (greenish-gray) $5.50
0·PT·012·30 30 lb, white $5.50
0·PT·975·30 30 lb, "moss" (greenish-gray" $5.50

Spectra® Thread in economical put-ups
This is the same thread as "Power-Pro™", but in a new weight, and larger quantities for good prices. The colors are the same, as well.

"SPECTRA"-50/yd reels
15 lb test, .006" diameter
0·PT·012·15 white $7.50
0·PT·975·15 "moss" (greenish-gray) $7.50

"SPECTRA"-150/yd reels
15 lb test, .006" diameter
0·PT·012·15lg white $14.95
0·PT·975·15lg "moss" (greenish-gray) $14.95

Fire-Line® Thread as recommended in Bead & Button so often!

in 50 yard reels
0·TF·012·04 4lb "crystal" color $8.50
0·TF·012·06 6lb "crystal" color $8.50
0·TF·012·08 8lb "crystal" color $8.50
0·TF·012·10 10lb "crystal" color $8.50

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