Special Purpose NEEDLES

It seems that no matter how many different types of needles we offer, there are still more out there that you say you need. Well, here they are! Largely by customer demand.


These needles have really long eyes, like a big-eye needle, but are WONDERFUL. They are smooth and flexible, yet stiff enough to making picking up beads easy. When you slide beads over the needle, the long eye twists at the very tip, which makes an eye that holds your thread. They come in 3 lengths, and yes, they're more expensive then the conventional "big-eye", but they are so much nicer to use! They are made specially for stringing beads onto knitting or crocheting thread, but you can use them for other stringing as well. Not recommended for beads smaller than a Japanese size 14°/15°.

0·BT·006 6cm long 3/pkg $4.95/pkg
0·BT·009 9cm long 3/pkg $4.95/pkg
0·BT·105 10.5cm long 3/pkg $4.95/pkg

These needles are extra-long and open up in the middle to form a very long eye. They are good for stringing size 11° and larger beads on thread for crochet, knitting, or strung necklaces, but they're not really recommended for bead weaving.

0·NE·002 2-1/8" (5.4cm) long, with 1-1/2" (3cm) eye big eye needle $0.75/ea
0·NE·005 4-1/2" (11.5cm) long, with 3-1/2" (9cm) eye big eye needle $0.75/ea

These needles have a flexible eye which collapses to fit through bead & pearl holes. Wire needles are for BEAD STRINGING, not bead weaving. We have these in 4 sizes, as well as a mixed packaging. The shape of the needle is the same as in the picture. However, they are now packaged in a nice plastic tube, and are more expensive.

all needles are 2-1/2" (6.5cm) long
the larger the size number of the needle, the heavier the needle - just the opposite from other needles!
0·NT·006 size 6° twisted needles finer than a size 16° needle 5/tube $4.90
0·NT·008 size 8° twisted needles finer than a size 16° needle 5/tube $4.90
0·NT·010 size 10° twisted needles approx the size of a 15° needle 5/tube $4.90
0·NT·012 size 12° twisted needles approx the size of a 13° needle 5/tube $4.90
0·NT·MIX 5 of each of these sizes 20/tube $16.70

These needles are antique, and extra long! We believe they were used for stringing loose beads into hanks. Some people like them for loomwork because they're so long. The eyes are VERY tiny, not elongated like the eyes in normal beading needles.

0·NL·008 4" (10.2cm) long size 8° lace needle $1.60/ea
0·NL·012 7-1/2" (19cm) long size 12° lace needle $2.10/ea

This works almost as well as magic for stringing thousands of beads onto thread for knitting or crocheting. Pour loose beads in the bowl, spin it on the axle, and watch the beads climb up the specially curved needle. The spinner comes with 2 medium needles which will work with size 11° beads

0·BS Bead spinner w/ needles $37.00/ea


"sharps" needle pkg"SHARP" Needles
For use in bead embroidery - by customer request! These needles are short, stiff, and sharp!

0·NS·011 1-3/16" (3.1cm) long size 11° sharps 10/pkg $3.20
0·NS·012 1-1/8" (2.9cm) long size 12° sharps 10/pkg $3.20

"betweens" needle pkg "BETWEEN" QUILTING NEEDLES
These are very short needles (1'' long) perfect for tying off short threads or for off-loom techniques like Peyote stitch. Use them with modern beads size 10°-14°. If you're not sure what size you need, buy the assortment. If you know you need the thinnest there are, then buy the package of size 12°'s.

0·NQ·010 about 1-1/8" (2.9cm) long mixed sizes, 8°-10° between needles 20/pkg $3.20
0·NQ·012 7/8" (2.3 cm) long size 12° between needles 12/pkg $3.59

These are popular for embroidery work with modern beads size 10° through size 14° and Japanese size 15° hex-cuts. Not recommended for antique beads smaller than size 12°. These needles were made specially for sewing woven straw for hats.

0·NM·010 1-9/16" (4cm) long milliner's needles 25/pkg $3.35
0·NM·011 1-9/16" (4cm) long milliner's needles 25/pkg $3.99


glovers needle pkg"GLOVERS" Needles
These needles have a three-sided point specially designed for sewing through leather.

0·NG·008·25 1-3/8" (3.5cm) long size 8° Glover's 25/pkg $16.99
0·NG·010·25 1-1/4" (3.1cm) long size 10° Glover's 25/pkg $18.50
0·NG·012·25 1" (2.6cm) long size 12° Glover's 25/pkg $20.95


Tapestry needles look like embroidery needles, but they have a blunted point. They are used for hiding tails in knitting and crochet.

0·NA·018 size 18° & 22° tapestry needles 6/pkg (3 of each size) $3.29
0·NA·024 size 24°& 26° tapestry needles 6/pkg (3 of each size) $3.29

Carol selected Susan Bates brand because she prefers the shape of the hook. All sizes come 1 hook/pkg. Specific size by the stock number. The larger the number, the finer the hook. Carol uses a size 10 hook with size 11° beads and DMC cotton size 8.

0·NC·008 size "8" crochet hook $1.90/ea
0·NC·009 size "9" crochet hook $1.90/ea
0·NC·010 size "10" crochet hook $1.90/ea
0·NC·011 size "11" crochet hook $1.90/ea

These come in sets of five, for circular knitting. Alice Korach uses the size 4 ("0000") in her video. However, she recommends that loose knitters might want to use size 5 (00000) while tight knitters might find size 3 (000) helpful in maintaining proper stitch size. The size 8 (0000 0000) are for knitting with smaller beads, like 14's.

0·PK·003 Size"000" (1.5mm) 5/ $6.00
0·PK·004 Size"0000" (1.25mm) 5/ $6.00
0·PK·005 Size"00000" (1.0mm) (super skinny) 5/ $6.00
0·PK·008 Size"0000 0000" (.5mm) (no way!) 5/ $7.50

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