2mm - 30mm 6-SIDED Bugle Beads

Thin marked items are especially compatible with size 14° and smaller seed beads.
Ø marked items are from the turn of the century. When they're gone, there are no more!
New! marked items are New to the website.

The 1st digit of the stock# (5·xx·xxx·xx) refers to the type of bugle: 5=round, 7=six-sided, 8=twisted
The next 2 digits(x·02·xxx·xx) refer to the length in millimeters, for example: 02=2mm, 30=30mm

There is no size consistency between manufacturers, so we group our bugles by actual length in millimeters.

2mm long 6-SIDED Bugles
7·02·514·14   dk olive green opaque metallic 10 g/ $2.25
7·02·561·18   dk green/bronze op metallic irid 10 g/ $2.25

approximately 1770 bugles in 20 grams
3mm long, 6-SIDED Bugles
7·03·561·18 Ø dk green/bronze op metallic irid 10 g/ $2.75
7·03·613·02 Ø cobalt trans, lt luster 3 loops/ $2.75
7·03·790·18 Ø violet/green/bronze op met irid 10 g/ $2.75
7·03·796·18 Ø navy/bronze/violet op met irid 10 g/ $2.75

approximately 770 bugles in 20 grams
5mm long 6-SIDED Bugles
7·05·636·18 Ø navy/purple op met irid 3 loops/ $2.00

6mm long 6-SIDED Bugles
7·06·598·18   dk/purple/navy op metallic irid 20 g/ $2.25
7·06·638·18   blue/bronze/purple op metallic irid 20 g/ $2.45
7·06·827·14   bronze opaque metallic 10 g/ $2.85
7·06·993·14   hematite opaque metallic 20 g/ $2.25

7mm long 6-SIDED Bugles
7·07·999·10   black opaque 20 g/ $1.75
7·07·999·13   black opaque matte 20 g/ $2.40

12mm long 6-SIDED Bugles
7·12·999·10   black opaque 20 g/ $2.50

approx 40 pieces in a 10 gram bag
30mm long 6-SIDED Bugles
7·30·010·01   clear irid 10 g/ $2.20
7·30·637·18   navy/purple/bronze opaque met irid 10 g/ $1.35
7·30·999·10   black opaque 10 g/ $2.00
7·30·999·18   black op met irid 10 g/ $2.25

Other Bugle Beads
Round Bugles
2mm - 30mm
Twisted Bugles
7mm -30mm
6-Sided Bugles
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