Smooth bugles are just longer pieces of the same glass cane used to make seed beads.

Twisted bugles are made by twisting the cane. Using smooth cane with a square hole causes the twist to appear onlyinside the bead. It is brought to notice by application of a silver lining. If the cane is made with 4 or more sides, when it is twisted the twist appears on the outside of the cane. This is appropriate for opaque beads.Twisted bugles look great as ladders and in fringes. They are hard to get because neither the Czechs nor the Japanese want to make them! They seem to think it's just too much trouble. Sigh....

Bugle beads marked Thin are especially compatible with size 14° and smaller seed beads. Bugle beads marked Antique are from the turn of the century. When they're gone, there are no more!

There is no size consistency between manufacturers, so we group our bugles by actual length in millimeters.
REMEMBER, under our nomenclature, the first digit refers to the type of bugle:
5=round, 7=six-sided, 8=twisted
The next two digits refer to the length in millimeters, for example: 02=2mm, 30=30mm

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