5x5mm Japanese TILA Beads

Virginia Blakelock is offering a loomwork class at the 2012 Bead and Button Show called "TNT" Loomwork, which stands for "Toobs and Tilas".
This is a great opportunity to make a beautiful Deco-style necklace and learn ways of using the new Tila beads and the new Toob findings.


"TILA" beads are about 5mmx5mm square, and just thick enough to accomdate TWO holes through them. Yes, they look like tiles, but you can weave with them!

loose beads packaged by weight in re-closable bags
There are approx. 115 beads in 10 grams ("g").
T·55·010·01   clear, iridescent 10 g/ $6.30
T·55·507·16   gold overlaid w/ teal matte irid 10 g/ $10.10
T·55·637·16   blue/green/purple opaque matte irid 10 g/ $6.45
T·55·827·14   dk gold opaque metallic 10 g/ $9.60
T·55·827·17   dk gold opaque matte metallic 10 g/ $10.10
T·55·840·18   dk gold opaque w/ rose metallic irid 10 g/ $9.55
T·55·843·01   cranberry trans w/ gold irid 10 g/ $8.65
T·55·980·01   gray transparent irid 10 g/ $8.45
T·55·993·14   black luster (hematite opaque metallic) 10 g/ $6.30
T·55·999·10   black opaque 10 g/ $5.90
T·55·999·13   black opaque matte 10 g/ $2.60
T·55·999·18   black opaque metallic irid 10 g/ $6.15

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